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Yoni steaming is a sacred self-care practice that is known to be an ancient healing method to tone and heal the vagina. Herbal steam permeates the external vagina and carries medicinal plant properties to the tissues, while increasing circulation. The plant medicines are absorbed into the bloodstream and circulated into the reproductive system where they help to stimulate a wide variety of healing. 

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What Kind Of Healing
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Menstruation Relief

If blood from a previous menstrual cycle has not been properly cleared, the body identifies it as a foreign substance. This activates muscles in the abdomen to attempt to push it out of the body. This muscle contracting action often results in painful cramps. Yoni steaming assists the body with cleansing and improves circulation, which enhances the body’s own healing mechanisms. On an emotional level, steaming activates a whole new connection to femininity and is also a powerful act of self-love.
**Doing yoni steams before and after your period assist in relieving menstrual pain and reducing brown blood, as well as balancing menstrual symptoms and issues over time.

Increasing Fertility

Proper circulation and full clearance of each menstrual cycle is especially important in achieving optimal fertility. If there’s a build-up of past menses, tissues, cysts, etc., then there is a chance that a fertilized egg will not be able to complete the implantation process. Yoni-steaming supports proper blood flow to the pelvic area, which helps prepare the womb for pregnancy.
**Never steam when pregnant, even if you think you might be pregnant.


Yoni steaming has been a standard postpartum healing ritual for women around the world. This is done to promote healing from the birthing process while supporting postpartum recovery. In addition to physical healing of the delicate tissue, the new mom also benefits from emotional and spiritual healing as she cares for her womb that has just brought a beautiful new life into the world.


The Menopausal blend is specially designed for women experiencing night-sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness or chapping and those who are experiencing menopause, pre and post menopause or if you have had a full or partial hysterectomy. It includes herbs that help to nourish, moisturize and cool down, it also tonifies the uterus, stimulates Shakti energy and improves circulation.

Overall Wellbeing

Reduces uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse and endometriosis + Emotional healing from past pain and trauma

Hormone Balance

With all the toxins in our daily life now-a-days it throws off our hormones. This blend helps balance hormones and assists the body with optimal self-regulating and functioning.

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Herbs for
Menstrual Cycles

Regulate menstrual cycle, reduce cramps, tighten vagina, enhance libido, increase fertility, recover postpartum, and more.

Herbs for Fertility

Support Reproductive Health – A natural hydrotherapy for your vagina, steaming regularly may help fortify natural fertility efforts by hydrating cleansing and moisturizing your uterus and womb for better internal pH balance.

Herbs for Postpartum Care

Especially helpful for alleviating temporary discomfort and postpartum care. Restorative and soothing.

Herbs for Menopause

This blend helps regulate and balance hormones. These healing and invigorating herbs are designed to get your mojo back by clearing stagnant energies and rebalancing your yoni.

"The Yoni Box has a perfect variety of kits! Yoni Steaming helped balance my Hormones and regulate my cycle. I always feel sooo good after a Yoni Steam! The Hormone Balance kit is my favorite. The Yoni Box is BEAUTIFUL!"

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"I have more energy as well as a balanced mood. I always feel so rejuvenated after a Yoni Steam! The Yoni Box has the best kits that come with everything you need!!"

- Randi Maree

Comfort of your Home

There is no better way to heal, than from the comfort of your own home. This simple yet highly effective healing method has been used since ancient times by our ancestors to remedy a wide variety of ailments.

Self Care

From Womb healing to balancing hormones, Yoni steaming is underrated. This might be the most sacred, rejuvenating and honorable thing we as women can do for ourselves and our womb. Not to mention this self care is extremely relaxing and refreshing!

Optimal Health

Yoni Steaming helps balance hormones and PH, prevents yeast infections, relieves menstrual cramps, increase fertility, rejuvenating postpartum care, eliminates odor, helps restore optimum sexual levels and so much more!

"I have more energy as well as a balanced mood. I always feel so rejuvenated after a Yoni Steam! The Yoni Box has the best kits too!!"
-Randi Maree

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